Decodable Books; Why Do They Matter?

For a child to learn to read and write, it takes a certain time and some guidance. The method of using phonic codes in this matter is quite famous. Through this method his/her phonemic awareness is developed. Most of the time the teachers/parents use decodable books. They are books used as a form of reading exercise which uses the phonic knowledge the child has already learned. These books are used as a way to practice this. There are many significances of decodable books. This article contains some of them.

Reading becomes simple
During a child’s early stage it is important for him/her to learn the correct pronunciations. But you cannot do so by giving the child complex reading materials. That is when decodable books come into the rescue. Decodable reading books are used to make reading simple. With the use of phonic codes, the child is given the ability to read smoothly by practicing what they have already learnt. This way they will start to develop their pronunciations slowly but in the correct form.

Many of these books will have pictures. But these pictures will give the child only a subtle hint. He/she will have to read the text to understand what the picture depicts. Also the books will not have any complex works. Case in point; general reading books will contain phrases like “ We like to play because it is fun” but decodable books have the simplified version of such phrases like “We like fun”. That way the child would not have to predict new words making it more easy for him/her to remember the words.

Another characteristic of these books are that they give the child a certain form of satisfaction. Decodable books for kids are made in a simple way to provide the child easy achievements. That way he/she will develop confidence in reading. Also, this will make them enjoy reading. Thereby these books will not only help the child to develop his/her reading skills but will else develop their self-esteem from an early stage. For more information, please click here.