How To Become An Aviation Manager

An aviation manager is an important person in the field that is responsible to ensure that the rules and regulations of the state, federal and local authorities are met, the efficiencies and safety procedures are followed and also will be overlooking when hiring and managing the staff that is working for an airline or the airport. They have to work long hours because a lot of the weight lands on his or her should which will leave to the failure or success of the entire company. The manager will also be responsible to ensure that all passengers and flights are served punctually and that when a crisis occurs, risk management and a solution is provided.
Even if you want to be a consultantin this particular industry, you will still need to know in an out about current issues regarding the rules and regulations, fuel shortage problems, safety hazards and the effect towards the environment caused by the industry. Based on these, the trends will change which will be beneficial even if you become a an aviation manager.

The career requirements

You will need to have a minimum of a Bachelor’sdegree related to the field and therefore an aviation audits course will not do. The fields that are applicable are aviation administration, aviation management, airport management, finance or even business administration. You will also need to have an accredited certification to be airport executive. Minimum experience that is required is 04 years.

The greater number of years that you have accumulated, the better. You will need to have knowledge about the FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations) and TSA (Transportation Security Agency) with regards to security, safety, communication skills, budgeting, finance and management skills.However, you can do a few courses with relation to the field and maybe even diploma of quality auditing too.

If you can complete an internship program at the beginning of your career, it will be very beneficial as you will be getting an insight into the industry. There are many universities and colleges that work together with local airports and airlines and provides internships. This is the best opportunity for you to break into the industry. Certain universities will help the students to obtain an internship program which is easier for those find it a bit difficult to get hold of a good program that is related to the course.

As this industry is ever changing you will need to ensure that even as a manager and you have the weight on your shoulders, that you keep up with the trends because these trends will determine how you will implement new strategies and also look after your staff.

Good luck with your career advancement!