Responsibilities Of Parents Towards Their Children

What are the responsibilities of parents towards their children?

Parents are the guardians of their children. Therefore, parents owe a duty of care and responsibility towards their children. Parents own a legal responsibility as well as a moral responsibility towards their children.

What are the legal responsibilities a parent hold.

According to law a parent has a legal responsibility to provide their children with the basic needs of living such as food, education, clothing, a shelter, and health care.

What are the moral responsibilities of parents towards their children?
Similarly, parents own a moral duty to ensure that their children grow to become a responsible individual who is worth for the society and is a person with good behaviour and thoughts.

 A parent therefore, is a child’s first inspiration and teacher. It is equally the responsibility of the father and the mother to encourage the child to go to school, move with other children, and help their elders and to achieve their goals in life. Many parents struggle to get their children in to good schools such as better DSHK. They determine to provide their children with the best education possible.  

Then parents start spending on other extra curriculum activities such as Dalton school tuition, fee for sport activities, school inter competitions and so on. However, parents should be more understanding and responsible. School is a part of a child’s education. Many other basic educations that a child learns is from their homes through their parents. Any relationship, whether it is a bad relationship or a good relationship between parents can be seen through the behaviour of a child. Parents therefore, should never fight or argue in front of their children. Both the parents should equally share their responsibilities. They should have an agreement as to their roles and responsibilities when it comes to their children.

The responsibility of a father.

In many Asian families, father is the head of the family and holds the major economical responsibility. The father is more of the person who should ensure that the family disciplinary rules are being followed and teaches the children how to be emotionally and physically strong.

The responsibility of a mother.

In the Asian culture, the mother is the person who is responsible for the cleanliness, habits such as eating, sleeping, respecting elders, and other behavioural patterns. However, in modern society and many western countries the role of a mother is changed as there are many single parents at present. Therefore, a mother acts as both the father and the mother in a family. She ensures that the child gets the best as much as possible for her capacity.