Tips On Preparing For The IB Exam

The International baccalaureate program also known as IB is an internationally recognized diploma which gives students the opportunity to attend universities across the globe. Of course these exams are pretty hard and not all schools have this course either.

Check if they have your international school admission signed up for the IB diploma

 When it comes to the exam season, everyone seems to be working out on their ib preparation. Like I said before, it’s not easy and you need a score of 45 and above to pass and that is not just exams, there are essays and assignments as well.

Here are some tips to work on for you exam

Have a routine in you study

Balance your time with the subjects you are to study and don’t put all you time in a day for one particular subject, give equal priority to each one and study allocating a specific time period to you’re the set of subjects. Increase the time period to the ones you are weak in and study regularly.

To have it your US boarding school advisors organized, I suggest you use a calendar app or a schedule app. You could either have it drawn in your notepad as well. Basically the purpose of this is for you to get an idea on what you must do and when.

Some may feel like a calendar just adds up more stress but what it actually does is the exact opposite. This could help you see how much time you have and also help you stress relieve.

Stay ahead in the game

I’m not trying to scare you, but these exams are pretty hard and competitive so I suggest you stay ahead and start early on your studying. Don’t wait till the teacher finishes the lesson and the rest of the content for you to get to work, refer books and get to it. You can then use the teacher’s lessons as revision. This also helps you to relive stress and not feel tensed when the exams are close by.

Follow the syllabus

The syllabus tell you your contents to be exact, make sure you follow it. I also suggest that you make notes on what you’ve studied. That way you’ll not only have a neat pile of notes but you know what to exactly refer to during a doubt.

Don’t try to depend on the text books, for all we know they are made by a third part company and they might not have everything you need to know or they might have excessive information. So grab on to your syllabus and do some research, refer other books as well.


Always revise what you have learnt. Do past papers and don’t be shy to ask questions from your teachers. If you have a problem you need to come right out and ask, it’s good that you actually have questions. It means you are actually learning.

Well, fingers crossed! Hopefully you’ll do a fine job at your exams